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Our Doctor

Dr Peta Concannon

Caring for Women through All Stages of Life

I was lucky to have very positive role models in both my mother and grandmother who instilled in me the notion that women were capable of achieving whatever they wanted through perseverance and a compassionate heart. They both were involved in volunteer community service and believed in helping others.

I was encouraged to help people, not for personal gain but with genuine good intent.
I was taught to respect those with the knowledge that comes with experience and age.
These were good lessons to carry into my medical career.
From the start, I have listened patiently and carefully to what my patients have told me.
Taking a good history is the key to understanding what is going on.
Medicine is sometimes like a good detective novel.
We have to find the clues for why you a feeling a certain way and try not to follow false leads.
I treat each person as a unique and interesting individual not as a symptom or disease.
We fill form a partnership and work together to solve the health puzzles.
We will take the time together to consider all the contributing factors and find workable and acceptable solutions.
My aim is to help you to help yourself and regain balance in your life to feel better physically and emotionally.

Dr Peta

Dr Peta Concannon has been dedicated to personally providing Health Care for the Women of the Gold Coast for more than 25 years.
While working in General Practice, she recognised that many women neglected their own health and needed to be able to access health services for themselves in a setting separate from where their families were being seen.
So began The Currumbin Beach Women’s Medical Centre.
In July 2009 she relocated to her own premises in Burleigh Heads, Women’s Medical Centre Gold Coast.

Dr Peta maintains an active interest in new developments in Women’s Health and in improving access to these services both in Australia and in the Pacific.

She has a Medical Degree from the University of Queensland, a Master’s Degree in Public Health and Tropical Medicine from James Cook University and a Certificate in Family Planning.

She is an associate member of the Australasian Menopause Society and the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine.

Her other medical interests include Travel Medicine and International Health, and Health Promotion.
She is very interested in people, and has learnt many positive things from wise women over the years.

Womens Medical Centre  Gold Coast


We are located at Suite 12, Level 1, “Burleigh Square”,

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