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Womens Medical Centre

Dr Peta Concannon

Caring for Women through All Stages of Life

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Welcome to our Website.

How is our practice different from other surgeries who claim to offer Women’s Health Services?

  • Dr Peta is a pioneer of Women’s Health on the Gold Coast with over 25 years of experience
  • She provides sexual and reproductive women’s medical services
  • She is able to deal with problems related to all stages of your life:-
    • contraception to conception
    • infertility to pregnancy care
    • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted   diseases
    • pelvic pain and pain with intercourse
    • management of period pain and menstrual problems
    • hormonal problems
    • perimenopausal symptoms and treatment
    • menopausal symptom relief
    • cervical screening tests
    • breast screening and breast cancer support.
    • osteoporosis prevention, detection and management
    • stress management
  • She relates well to women of all ages and cultures
  • She is able to give you time to air your concerns
  • You will feel comfortable discussing even the most intimate and embarrassing things with her
  • She genuinely cares about helping you
  • She recognises the issues facing modern women in a changing world and offers support and sensible advice

Our Location

We offer personal and practical advice in a friendly relaxed setting.
Accessing Medical Care can be stressful for many women and we try to make the experience as easy as possible.
We are situated at Suite 12, Level 1, “Burleigh Square”,
79 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads, Queensland, 4220.
Our surgery phone number is 0755206244.  We are on the first floor with lift access.
There is onsite parking available, including disability car parks. 
Our receptionist will be happy to provide more detailed instructions when you make your appointment. 

OUR DOCTOR:       Dr Peta Concannon

I was lucky to have very positive role models in both my mother and grandmother who instilled in me the notion that women were capable of achieving whatever they wanted through perseverance and a compassionate heart. They both were involved in volunteer community service and believed in helping others.

 I was encouraged to help people, not for personal gain but with genuine good intent.
 I was taught to respect those with the knowledge that comes with experience and age.
 These were good lessons to carry into my medical career.
 From the start, I have listened patiently and carefully to what my patients have told me.
Taking a good history is the key to understanding what is going on.
 Medicine is sometimes like a good detective novel.
We have to find the clues for why you a feeling a certain way and try not to follow false leads.
 I treat each person as a unique and interesting individual not as a symptom or disease.
 We fill form a partnership and work together to solve the health puzzles.
 We will take the time together to consider all the contributing factors and find workable and acceptable solutions.
 My aim is to help you to help yourself and regain balance in your life to feel better physically and emotionally.

Dr Peta

Your Consultation

I believe that it is important for you to have adequate time with me to discuss your concerns.
 I am opposed to the notion of “five minute” medicine and offer a friendly and relaxed environment where you can feel comfortable.
 I will give you practical advice to help you navigate the confusing health messaging and information provided online.
 I understand that Knowledge may be Power but also believe that incorrect information is often hard to spot in this age of sophisticated marketing, and can cause unnecessary worry and stress.
 Together we will work to find answers and implement changes to enable you to feel your best.                   

Dr Peta

Our Services

The Women’s Medical Centre Gold Coast provides Sexual and Reproductive Women’s Medical advice and services.

I have seen great advances in Women’s Medicine during my many years of practice.

There are now
More Contraceptive choices,
Earlier diagnosis and Treatment of STDs (chlamydia and wart virus),
Improved treatment of infertility,
Better obstetric care,
HPV vaccination programmes that have reduced the incidence of cervical cell changes and cancer,
Improved breast and cervical screening and treatment practices,
Better treatment options for menstrual problems,
Safer options for treatment of hormonal symptoms in the perimenopausal and menopausal age groups,
Earlier detection and treatment of osteoporosis (a silent disease that can cause great debility in a woman’s life).
Prevention and early detection of diseases and treatment of Perimenopausal and Menopausal symptoms are rewarding areas of medicine for me and result in very grateful patients who function better now and into the future.

I have been working on the Gold Coast for many years and have established a reliable referral base of medical and other health professionals to provide you with quality specialist care and to help you navigate the health care system.

I have travelled extensively and have great respect for other cultures.

I have a diverse patient base and have experience in delivering health care to International Students, First Nations, Pacific Island and PNG women, and to women from Japan, South America, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Phillipines.

I also provide care to Medical Women and Health professionals.

My patients span all age ranges and I have recently had the honour of having treated three generations in the same family (mother, daughter and grand-daughter). How time flies!

Dr Peta

Our  Practice Policy

Please help us to help you by reading and understanding our Practice Policy. 

Review of Pathology and Radiology:
You need to return for review of any pathology or radiology tests that are ordered.

Prescription Repeats:
You need to see me when you require repeat prescriptions.

You need to be seen if you need a referral to a Medical Specialist, Psychologist or Allied Health Professional.

We are a Private Practice and are able to provide a more personalised women’s health service than many GP practices are able to offer. Please check when making your appointment about our current fees and methods of payment.

 Your appointment:
To help us ensure the smooth running of our practice, we need you to arrive on time.

Please notify us in advance if you are unable to attend.

Contact Us

I hope our Website has tempted you to call us.
 Please ring my receptionist to book your appointment.
Our phone number is 07 5520 6244 
(61 7 55 20 6244 International).
We believe that speaking to a real person is always easier than navigating an online booking system.
If you ring out of surgery hours, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.
We look forward to meeting in person

Thank you, 07 5520 6244

Dr Peta

Womens Medical Centre

Suite 12, 79 West Burleigh Road,
Burleigh Heads … Gold Coast.

07 5520 6244